Current Vacancies

Legal Administrator - B1: Salary £26,155 - £29,192. Closing Date 31 January 2021. (Open to all applicants)

The Legal Administrator will support the in-house Legal team and contribute across the full range of activity, Role responsibilities to include: Advisory Services, Litigation and Dispute Resolution and Legislative Development. The post holder will be an excellent representative of the legal team, recognising the importance of Revenue Scotland’s legal services to the organisation itself and the public generally.

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Head of People Services  - C1:  Salary £48,930 - £61,006. Closing Date 5 February 2021. (Open to all applicants)

The Head of People Services will be a key factor in achieving our Corporate ambition to become a ‘Great Place To Work’. The post holder will lead a collaborative programme of organisational change to develop our culture, build capability and lead strategic planning and talent management of our workforce. The post holder will lead development and implementation of a new and expanded HR People Function within a Scottish Government shared service framework and as a qualified HR professional, advise the CEO and SLT on all People Service related issues.

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Administrative Officer - A4: Salary £23,344 - £24,909. Closing Date 7 February 2021 (Open to all applicants)

Administrative Officer roles in Revenue Scotland will involve working in either Tax Operations or one of the Corporate Teams. All roles will require working in a fast paced, continually evolving environment. Experience of working in a regulatory department and/or contact centre environment would be advantageous.

The Tax Operations team is responsible for the operational functions required to manage customer contact via the telephone support desk, post, email and secure messaging. Corporate Teams support the organisation in a variety of ways and work collaboratively across the organisation. The role requires good communication, planning and prioritisation skills.

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Tax Officer - B1: Salary £26,155 - £29,192. Closing Date 7 February 2021. (Open to Scottish Government and across Government)

The Tax Officer role within Revenue Scotland join the Tax Operations team responsible for customer contact via the telephone support desk, post, email and secure messaging. As well as contributing to investigative work on cases, gathering and analysing evidence of errors/inaccuracies in tax returns, the Tax Operations team identifies cases requiring further investigation. The post holder will work in a fast paced, continually evolving environment.

The Tax Operations team carries out various functions; Penalties & Debt, Mail & Repayments and Reviews. The successful applicant will be placed in the area of greatest business need and most appropriate to candidate skills and experience.

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To help ensure candidates are as prepared as possible, anyone interested in the above roles is invited to attend a webinar on Thursday 28 January at 14:00. The webinar will provide information about the recruitment process, advice on how to write a good application and what to expect at interview, including hints & tips on how to prepare.

To join the Revenue Scotland recruitment webinar please use the following details:

Password: Revenue_Scotland


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26 January 2021


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