Commercial Software Providers

Commercial Software Provider Support

Revenue Scotland will:

  • Publish schema, business rules and system parameters on the website in line with its release schedules of any changes of the system
  • Advise by email all Commercial Software Providers (that have notified us of their interest), of each release of updated documentation
  • Make a test service available for Commercial Software Providers to test submissions as defined in the specification document
  • Provide credentials to the test services on request. Details of how to request these are available in our FAQs.
  • Provide information for end users of Commercial Software Providers as to how to prepare for submissions via Commercial Software packages

Revenue Scotland will not:

  • Endorse, accredit or approve any Commercial Software Providers
  • Review, correct or assess any submissions provided by Commercial Software Providers
  • Provide a dedicated phone line for support. The Revenue Scotland support desk is for transaction specific queries and will not provide technical support for Commercial Software Providers
  • Provide a dedicated e-mail facility for queries. However, credentials for test services will be provided by email to requests sent to
  • Provide pre-release information to Commercial Software Providers for any future changes. All information will be provided in line with the release plans of Revenue Scotland changes.

For any Commercial Software developers that are looking to adapt products to include the functionality for LBTT returns, Revenue Scotland have published the below documentation. Any revisions and relevant information will be added to this site.

Package iconWeb Service Specification for LBTT Submissions from Commercial Software

PDF iconGuidance for Using the Test Services

Guidance for Using Live Services 

If you would like to be notified of any updates that are available, please email your contact details to Revenue Scotland.

FAQs for commercial software providers

FAQs for customers of commercial software providers

Last updated: 
21 December 2017


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