FAQs for Commercial Software Providers

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for commercial software providers.

Will Revenue Scotland endorse my submissions?

Revenue Scotland will provide information to commercial software providers who wish to develop application to submit LBTT returns via web services, but will not endorse these products in any way.

Will Revenue Scotland provide performance statistics for all commercial software providers?

No, Revenue Scotland will not provide this.

How can commercial software providers test submissions prior to releasing to customers?

Revenue Scotland provides a test web service environment to allow software suppliers to test their product’s submissions. Details of this can be found on the Commercial Software Providers page. To obtain test service credentials, please provide the following information to info@revenue.scot:

  • Name
  • Name of Organisation
  • IP address that submissions will be received from
  • Email address of contact

PLEASE NOTE – Test submission should NOT include actual taxpayer information

Can the test credentials be used for submissions to the live environment?

No, the credentials provided for the submissions for testing purposes cannot be used for live submissions. Each organisation that wishes to use this product needs to register on Revenue Scotland’s online portal and retrieve their credentials. For details of this, please see the Commercial Software Providers page. This information can be used to pass onto your customers.

Do submissions via the web services require the use of the One Time Passcode seen within when accessing the portal?

One Time Passcodes are not required for submissions via the web services.

How do we submit transactions to the Live server?

The following URL should be used: https://login.revenue.scot/rs98/LBTTSubmissionService?wsdl

Can I use the same Web services token for live as for the test services?

No, this cannot be used. The published ‘Guidance for using Live Services’ advises how customers can retrieve the credentials. These need to be obtained for each organisation.

Last updated: 
1 June 2015
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