FAQs for Customers of Commercial Software Providers

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for customers of commercial software providers.

Do I need to sign up for online submission to get this web services token to allow submissions?

Yes - All online submissions (either by Revenue Scotland’s Portal or via commercial software) require a sign up to the online portal. A detailed guide on 'how to sign up' is available.

How do I get my web services token?

You will need to log in to Revenue Scotland’s portal as an administrator for your account and navigate to ‘My Profile’ from the tabs at the top of the screen. From the ‘Actions’ menu, select ‘Generate New Web Service Token’. This will generate a web services token and be displayed here. This should be provided to your Commercial Software provider. For more information on this, please see https://www.revenue.scot/help/third-party-vendors

Does Revenue Scotland charge for this service?

No – Revenue Scotland sign up and submission of tax returns are free to use.

Can I view my submitted transactions once submitted via commercial software?

Yes, if you are logging into Revenue Scotland’s Portal with the same account that the web services token had been generated from. All services are available to you – including submission, amendment and voiding returns. For more information please see the 'how to' guidance for LBTT.

PLEASE NOTE – Only Account Administrators can regenerate this token,

How can I re-generate my web services token?

You need to follow the steps as above and a new token will be generated. PLEASE NOTE – once regenerated, the previous token will no longer be valid.

Last updated: 
1 June 2015
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