LBTT4001 - Payment of tax and making an LBTT return

Chapter 4 of the LBTT legislation guidance covering the payment of tax and making an LBTT return in relation to non-lease land transactions.

This guidance chapter will help in determining when a LBTT return is required and when tax is payable. Separate guidance is also available for leases (see LBTT6001) as well as practical guidance on how to submit returns etc.

This chapter is structured as follows:

Rules regarding notifiable land transactions and payment of tax.

LBTT guidance on the tax rates and bands which apply to residential property transactions.

 Meaning of residential property

LBTT rates and bands for non-residential property transactions

Linked transactions and LBTT.

Guidance on cases where all or part of the consideration is contingent or uncertain.

Further LBTT return when relief is withdrawn.