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Revision of Vacancies from 30 August 2017

Current Vacancies

B3 Corporate Policy and Business Manager (Vacancy advertised to Scottish Government and across Government)

We are currently seeking applications for a B3 to lead the Corporate Policy and Business Management function within Revenue Scotland’s Governance team. It is an exciting time to join this new and dynamic organisation and work with us to shape the organisation for the future. The role provides an excellent opportunity to gain substantial experience operating at a senior level of engagement.  

Working to the C1 Governance Team Leader, the post holder will lead on engagement and secretariat support for the Revenue Scotland board; delivery of key corporate governance reporting arrangements and manage the development and implementation of core corporate policies.  You  will support the C1 Team Leader’s engagement with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to design, implement and embed good governance to support robust decision making including  managing the critical relationship with our Board.

If you would like to learn more about Revenue Scotland, please review our information leaflet and our website.

Full vacancy details.

For further information contact Deirdre Watt on 0131 244 3367 or by email.

B2 Tax Specialist (Vacancy advertised to Scottish Government and across Government)

We have a current vacancy for a tax specialist role within the LBTT Tax team. This is a key compliance role within Revenue Scotland, working within tax compliance team under the direction of a C1 team leader.  The work undertaken by the post holder will be varied and interesting and provide an exciting opportunity to work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders on a range of compliance activities including some complex enquiry cases.

Full vacancy details.

For further information contact Robert Buchan at 0131 244 2244 or by email.


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30 August 2017