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Revision of Improving Service Delivery from 30 May 2018

Revenue Scotland is undertaking a programme of work to redesign and optimise service delivery.

The organisation is currently conducting a programme of work to realign business practices, processes and guidance, and replacing the Scottish Electronic Tax System (SETS).

Opportunity for service improvement

The contract for SETS with the current supplier has been extended to its maximum term, and needs to be re-procured. Revenue Scotland is using this opportunity to re-evaluate and refine how it delivers the administration of Scotland’s devolved taxes, and the service provided to stakeholders.

The requirement to re-procure provides the opportunity to:

  • Learn from the experiences of Revenue Scotland and current SETS users;
  • Further develop the functionality of SETS;
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Improve processes and guidance.

Benefits for agents and taxpayers

Creating a better system and service by ensuring:

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Better communication
  • Enhanced customer service

The new system will be operational from April 2019.

How to be involved

Revenue Scotland is working closely with users and stakeholders to understand their needs in terms of the system, processes and transition. The tax authority welcomes feedback and will be offering opportunities to participate.

To provide feedback, get involved or learn more about the programme, contact:

Last updated: 
30 May 2018