Administrator Account

What to do once you have your administrator account (online registration only).

As an Administrator you can:

  • amend the registration details;
  • set up and delete additional users;
  • add an email address for notifications from secure messaging.

How do I amend the Account details on my profile?

Once logged into the online portal, you can amend your email address or name by selecting “My Profile” and amending the details as applicable. For any other amendments, you will need to notify us of the change by post.

How do I add an email address for notifications from Secure Messaging?

Administrators can add (and amend) an email address for Revenue Scotland to use to notify them when a secure email message has been sent to the account. Any such email notification will tell you that a secure message has been sent to your account but it will not provide the details of contents of that message.

To add or amend the email address for notifications:

  • select the ‘Actions’ menu on the Account Profile section of the ‘My Profile’ tab
  • select ‘Change Secure Messaging Notification Email’.

You can now add, change or remove this email address. If there is no email address selected, you will not receive notifications of receipt of secure emails although these will still be received into the account inbox.

How do I set up other Users on this account?

Administrator account access allows you to set up other users. These users can have access rights as you choose. The three options are:


  • Amend Registration Details (portal);
  • Create a User (portal); and
  • Maintain a User (portal).


  • Maintain Draft SLfT Return (portal); and
  • View submitted returns.


  • Maintain Draft SLfT Return (portal);
  • Submit SLfT Return (portal);
  • View submitted returns;
  • Amend submitted returns (portal); and
  • Secure messaging (portal).

To set up a new user, you need to carry out the following steps:

1. Select ‘Administration’ tab;

2. Select ‘User Management’;

3. Select ‘Users’;

4. Select ‘Add’:

5. Carry out the following for each additional User:

  • the Username is auto generated;
  • the Initial Password is to be set by the Administrator (this must meet our password policy – see earlier on in this guidance). When setting the password, this needs to be verified by re-entering the password.;
    • select ‘Assign Roles’
    • select the applicable option(s) (Administrator; Creation; Submission); and
  • then select ‘OK’;
  • enter the Full Name of the user;
  • enter a unique email address for the user; and finally
  • select ‘OK’.

6. Once the above process is complete you will need to provide the user that you have created with the username and password you have created for them.
7. With the credentials provided, the user will need to access and enter the Username and password. Upon the new user’s first log-in they will also be required to change their password (which must meet our password policy – see elsewhere in this guidance).

8. The user set-up process is now complete.

Last updated: 
1 December 2015


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