Administrator Account

Changes to guidance on what an adminstrator account can do.

As an Administrator you can:

  • Amend account details;
  • Set up and delete additional users; and
  • Manage access levels for other users.

To add or amend an account select ‘Account details’ on the ‘Dashboard’.

How do I amend the Account details? 

Once on the ‘Account details’ page you can amend the contact email address or telephone number by clicking ‘Update’ next to the company name. 

You can amend the contact address by clicking ‘Update’ next to the address. 

Once at the Update screen amend the details as required and click ‘Confirm’.

If you want to change your Company Name, Company Number or Registered Address please contact Revenue Scotland in writing.

How do I create a new user?

Once on ‘Account Details’ page you can add a user by clicking on ‘Create or update users’. You should then enter the following information:

  • User name – This must be at least 5 characters and may contain A-Z, 1-9 or ._
  • Current – This is the current status of the user and can be set to current or inactive
  • User details – First and last name
  • Contact details – This must be an active email address
  • New password – This must be a minimum of 9 characters long, with at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character, like, +, $, !

On this page you can also control the access rights of the new user. Go to the section titled ‘User roles’ and select the access options you wish the new user to have. 

You can select any combination of the following options:

  • Account Administrator for party via Portal
  • Account Security Administrator for Party via portal
  • Create draft returns
  • Update draft returns
  • Submit returns
  • Portal Return Amendment User
  • Portal Messenger User
  • Portal Claim User
  • Portal Dashboard Viewer 

Once you are satisfied that all the fields have been completed click on ‘Create User’.

Once the above process is complete you will need to provide the user you have added with the username and password you have created for them. 

With the credentials provided, the user will need to access the Scottish Electronic Tax System (SETS) and enter the Username and password. Upon the new user’s first log-in they will also be required to change their password (which must meet our password policy – see elsewhere in this guidance).

How do I amend the user details?

Once on ‘Account Details’ page you can amend user details by clicking on ‘Create or update users’. Choose the account you wish to edit from the list and select ‘edit row’. Once the required changes have been made click on ‘Update User’. 

How do I change my password? 

Users can also change their own passwords by going to the ‘Account details’ page and selecting ‘Change your password’. Once you have entered details of the new password click on ‘Change Password’.

Last updated: 
22 August 2019


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