Manual Registration

Registration for SLfT by paper.

Please note: You only need to register once per business for SLfT, unless you are registering as a division, in which case this process must be completed for each division separately.

Please see the 'Forms' section of our website to download the SLfT registration forms.

1. You will need to complete the following information on the paper form:

Operator Information:

  • Name of Business – enter the registered name of the company or business for registration (and division where applicable);
  • Trading Name of Business (where applicable) - If your company trades under a different name, please enter this here. If this is not applicable, please leave blank;
  • Registered Address – enter the registered address of the company for registration;
  • Business Entity – select the structure your business operates under:
    • if a Sole Proprietor – no further information is required;
    • if a Partnership - include the name, address and contact details of each partner;
    • if a Ltd Company, LLP or Plc – enter the Company Number, Date of Incorporation and Jurisdiction of incorporation; or
    • if you do not operate under any of the above, complete the Other field and state the type of business operated – no further information is required;
  • Telephone Number – enter a contact telephone number for matters relating to this registration;
  • Email Address - enter a contact email address for matters relating to this registration. This will be used to confirm that the registration request has come from you. Please ensure that this is an active email address. This email address may also be used to notify you of messages sent to you by us via the portal;
  • Date of first expected taxable disposal - enter the date (in dd/mm/yyyy format) of the expected first disposal under this registration (NB: This date cannot be earlier than 1 April 2015);
  • How many sites operated? - enter the number of sites operated under this registration.

2. For each landfill site, the following information needs to be entered:

  • Trading Name of Site – enter the name that the landfill site operates under;
  • Licence Number (SEPA) – enter the SEPA licence number used by this site;
  • Site Address – enter the address of this site;
  • Telephone Number – enter a contact telephone number for this site;
  • Type of Waste – Enter the expected tonnage of disposal for each waste type anticipated at this site on an annual basis;
  • Is a weighbridge used? (Yes/No) – confirm whether a weighbridge is used at this site;
  • Is there a Controller for this site? (Yes/No) – Confirm whether a Controller is operating this site. Where Yes, you need to complete a ‘Controller Details form’.

Please note: for group registrations, the group representative and group member forms must be completed with the information as above.

3. Once you have completed the paper form, you must send it to us at the following postal address: Revenue Scotland, PO BOX 24068, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 9BR.

4. Once we receive your application for registration we will:

  • verify the details that you have provided and confirm registration;
  • send confirmation of your SLfT registration number by post to your Registered Address. This is confirmation from us that you have successfully registered for SLfT. It is important that you check that these details are correct when you receive the confirmation – if there are any inaccuracies you need to notify us (see SLfT4008);
  • if you stated that you have a Controller on any of these sites, the Controller will receive a letter from us asking them to confirm their status at the individual site. They will need to sign and return this declaration to us;
  • for group registrations, we will send group members a letter requesting confirmation that they are part of the group for this registration. They will need to sign and return this declaration to us.

 For any further advice and assistance, please see the FAQs and legislation guidance on our website, write to us at the above address (in step 3) or alternatively contact our support desk.

Last updated: 
10 April 2015
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