Submitting the return

How to submit an online SLfT return.

To reflect the changes with the recent SETS upgrade we have updated our guidance and forms which are available on our SLft – Updated Guidance and Information page.

This guidance page will be updated in due course.



Assuming your system Administrator has given you permission to do so, when you have completed the SLfT return and are ready to submit it, select your payment option and then select ‘Submit’. If you select ‘Submit' and an error dialogue box appears, you must correct any relevant errors before you can successfully submit the return.

The return will then be submitted electronically to us and given a unique transaction reference which will be displayed to you on the screen. All SLfT return transaction reference begin with ‘RL’. This number must be quoted when making payments in relation to the same transaction or when contacting us about the transaction.

A summary of the return details will be displayed in the ‘Dashboard’, and at any time you will be able to view or download (and then print) a copy of the return, as well as being able to amend the return if within 12 months of the filing date (see ‘General guidance about the online SLfT return’). 

Last updated: 
11 September 2019


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