Paper LBTT Return Form

Paper LBTT return form for manual returns.

LBTT Paper Return Form

PDF iconLBTT - Paper Return Form.pdf

PDF iconADS Form.pdf

Guidance on how to submit a paper return is also available.

Lease Review Return Form

PDF iconLBTT Lease Review Paper Return Form.pdf

If you are submitting a lease review return on assignation, please also complete the following form:

PDF iconLBTT Additional Details Upon Assignation Paper form.pdf

Guidance on how to submit a lease review return is available separately.

Additional Details Form

Further information can be provided using the additional details form:

PDF iconLBTT Additional Details Form.pdf

This form can be used with both the LBTT Paper Return Form and the Lease Review Return Form.

Last updated: 
31 May 2018


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