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Revision of Paper LBTT Return Form from 19 March 2018

Paper LBTT return form for manual returns.

LBTT Paper Return Form

LBTT Paper Return Form.pdf

ADS Form.pdf

Guidance on how to submit a paper return is also available.

Lease Review Return Form - Draft

These forms are for reference only and are intended to provide an indication of the information which will be required to submit lease review returns from 1 April 2018. They should not currently be used to submit returns.

LBTT Lease Review Return Form.pdf

If you are submitting a lease review return on assignation, please also complete the following form:

LBTT Additional Details Upon Assignation Form.pdf

Guidance on how to submit a lease review return will be available shortly.

Additional Details Form

Further information can be provided using the additional details form:

LBTT Additional Details Form.pdf

This form can be used with both the LBTT Paper Return Form and the Lease Review Return Form.


Last updated: 
19 March 2018