How to sign up to the online portal

This guidance will help you to sign up to use Revenue Scotland’s Online Portal for online submission of LBTT returns and electronic payment of tax.

Purpose of this guidance

This is not guidance to the tax itself. LBTT legislation guidance for taxpayers and agents is available separately on our website.

General guidance

Only one member of your organisation should sign up in the first instance. Once their user account is created, they can then setup further administrators and users.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with this process, you can contact our support desk for further assistance.


Signing up to the Revenue Scotland Online Portal for users operating as an incorporated organisation in the UK.

Signing up to the Revenue Scotland online portal for users operating as a non-incorporated organisation or self-employed business in the UK (e.g. Local Authorities and partnerships).

Information and instructions for Account Administrators, including an outline of the administrator role, function and user permissions.