Revenue Scotland publishes British Sign Language Plan

30 January 2019

Revenue Scotland has today (Wednesday 30 January 2019) published its British Sign Language (BSL) Plan for 2018-24 outlining how the organisation will improve accessibility of its services for D/deaf and Deafblind BSL taxpayers.

The plan, which was developed following consultation with BSL users and stakeholders late last year, aims to ensure that D/deaf and Deafblind BSL users can access and understand taxpayer services and information about the devolved taxes that revenue Scotland collects.

It links with the wider Scottish Government British Sign Language National Plan 2017-23 which aims to ensure D/deaf and Deafblind BSL users are fully involved in all aspects of daily and public life in Scotland.

Revenue Scotland Chief Executive Elaine Lorimer said the consultation and publication of the plan would shape the future work of the organisation.

She said: "Revenue Scotland recognises the importance of British Sign Language and D/deaf culture to Scotland and our plan marks our commitment to ensuring that BSL users can easily access our services with confidence.   

"Our BSL plan is a key part of a wider programme of work to achieve our equality outcomes and ensure all our information and communications are transparent, accessible and comprehensive to all users, including D/deaf and Deafblind BSL users."

"We consulted widely on the plan so that we are delivering on the needs identified. We have already started to deliver this work and will continue to deliver so that we are an organisation with an inclusive culture where all members of staff have an understanding and commitment to equality and diversity."

Revenue Scotland is prioritising the work to deliver the objectives of the plan and will publish regular progress updates as this is completed. This includes updates to the Scottish Government's National Progress Report in 2020.


The plan is available to download in written English from the Revenue Scotland website, in BSL on YouTube and in Braille on request to

For further information please contact the Revenue Scotland Communications Team at